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Walking Dove

Its late...and I am feeling very blog posty...yes I said "posty"

I haven't signed up for school yet. *sigh*...yeah...I HAVE MY REASONS OK!!!!!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!...ok I don't have a GOOD reason...*shrugs* Just been hard to take the stupid tests...

The album is almost done...I am VERY happy with it thus far. We got vocals left...Its wierd because its sounding...epic? For real...

Morgan and I have Netflix more time passes I don't know why I didn't get this sooner. Its pretty amazing. I have like 160 movies in the que. 94% of them are mine. Thanks Morgan :) I have always wanted to get caught up on flims that I NEED to see. Thanks to this I can see all the Scoresese movies I want...

"My private Idaho" Yeah...Gus Van Zandt gets the "super artsy" award.

I always love this time of year...Halloween owns...I told Morgan she should be zombie little red riding hood. I want to be a zombie something...haven't figured that out.

Buy the new Kanye album...don't buy the new band of horses. Horses was a big let down. New Kanye is almost flawless. "drunken hot girls" is bad,but the rest of it is awesome.

Here is to updating sooner rather then later...

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