Paul "The Ewok" Her-Mann (her_mann) wrote,
Paul "The Ewok" Her-Mann

New House...whats going on and where will I be living?

New House...whats going on and where will I be living?
Well...moving back to Snohomish in a week or so...

the low down is basicly this...Roomates who have the lease until Dec need people to stay with them until that point which both Steve (my bass player/roomate) and I told them we could not do and we would be leaving in June. Last week my roomate who has the lease under his name with his wife told us we were being "evicted" and needed to be out by the end of Feb. They found some people who would stay with them until Dec so the whole upstairs had to go. I don't blame them at all for whats going on. If I was in their situation then I would do the same. It will suck driving from sno-ho to Seattle and I will be farther away from Morgan... :(

The good news about this is that I get to help my close friend Ross with his house payments. He lives by Seattle hill by a bunch of farm land and I get the whole basement to MYSELF for the band. This means we can practice pretty much all day on Saturday and I can practice whenever I want too and be AS LOUD (almost) as I want too. The people by us are far away so that REALLY excites me. More time to work on music and do demos without worrying about people around me will be REALLY REALLY amazing...

So I will be moving back to Seattle with my good friend Ian around June/ July so it will be a good change up but I will be back...

*wow that was a lot*

In geek news Dan Akroyd has said that a Ghostbusters 3 is in the works and it will be CGI with all of them doing the original voices. KICK ASS!!!!!

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