Paul "The Ewok" Her-Mann (her_mann) wrote,
Paul "The Ewok" Her-Mann

Back in the crib

I don't do this as much as I would like...updates? Here they come....

Road Trip-
Morgan and I had a really good time. Montana is horrid and North Dakota can suck my balls. I got a speeding ticket for going SIX OVER THE SPEED LIMIT IN ND!!!!! WTF!?!??!???!!? Went to a ton of record shops and the both of us spent a ton of money. I miss all those guys already...

Music/making a record-
Well I lost a drummer and a lot momentum this last summer but lucky I had a feeling this would happen and I was prepared and have a couple of aces up my sleeve. i still need to talk to Nate (the old drummer) but life has been busier then I would want right now. Its been harder to find time to get this damn record done but its going to get done. When it is..its time to go balls me I will..Morgan and I talked about writing music together and we already have a name picked up...sweet...

School status-
Still need to sign up...I wanted to sign up for fall but I had a really stressful summer. Here is to hoping...

Being a fat ass-
That is stoping as of today...TRUST ME!!!

albums that I have purchased recently-
a lot of those...New Kanye is amazing...Smog's "a river aint to hard to love" is frigging cool too...too much to talk about...

On finally watching the TV show Heroes-
Yeah...its amazing....but then again I am a nerd....

One love

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