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Updates and J. Jonah!!!

Car-less...not fun...I don't know how some people can do it..that SUCKED...takin the bus was NEVER fun...Walking was good for my fat ass but I hated not going where I want WHEN I want.

Some money came in and got the same thing as my last car but its a 97 instead of a 99 Ford escort station wagon (represent)...the color BRIGHT red...I swear Morgan's car and mine DON'T MATCH AT ALL..I PROMISE!!!!!!!!! BRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! So I am on the road again....SING IT WILLIE....I named the car "Jason" after my favorite songwriter Jason Molina but Morgan claimed that it was too boring so she suggested "J. JONAH" PERFECT!!!! So its named after my fav songwriter AND IT HAS TO DO WITH MY FAV SUPER HERO!!!!

School is HOPEFULLY for fall quarter...Court for my stupid accident is on Weds...Never been before...this will be intresting...Its a settlement hearing. Lets hope some settelment goes up that fucking cops ass a little...bastard...

The record is still taking forever...Lord knows when its done I will not rest UNTIL I send it out EVERYWHERE....been itching to work with people on some new stuff...*sigh*...

Some childhood dreams are comming alive will be A VERY SLOW prcoess...more eventually...

On Aug 24th Morgan and I are driving to Minn and will be back on Sept 5...Lets just say we CANNOT WAIT!!!! Its gonna be bad ass..We are COUNTING DOWN!!! The first day we get in Magnolia electric company is playing at the best rock club in Minn 1st AVE...HELL YEAH!!!

Records...been buying a lot of those...New Spoon is pretty fun. Good pop record. I got this kind of like spitting record thats pretty bad ass called "The Thrill of the hunt". I finally found Neko Case's "blacklisted" used. No way in hell I am paying 14.99 for that shit. The new Ryan Adams is pretty fun too. Check out the song "Halloween Head"...I got a TON ass more...found out I finally hit the over 1000 albums...thanks for the help Ipod...

I am addicted to "to catch a predator" on fucked up
...Chris Hanson rules..."Hi...what are you doing here?"

ok...ok....thats enough for another month...

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