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Well...I have no car...thanks to a douche who tried to make a u-turn in my lane and then told the cop I tried to pass him on the left...fucker...

...*sigh*...being car-less has been...hard? Yeah...could say that...Luckily I have the best damn girlfriend pretty much ever who takes me to work in the morning. I am taking the bus as well more. That has been...exciting? I don't know...

A road trip to Minn is comming at the end of Aug with my lady. We wanted to leave yesterday...

Been listening to a lot of smog lately...I have this sudden need to buy all of his records. I am not a SUPER lo-fi guy but I think he's pretty brillitant. Just listen to my profile song and hopefully you will "get it"

Other stuff I have been consuming is a pop-punk band called Weston. For some reason...I still really like some of their songs a lot... I think "Matinee" is a solid pop record...

Um...Transformers was pretty solid...BUMBLE BEE IS A FUCKING BUG BAY!!! OK!!!! A FUCKING BUG!!!!

though some of you are going to see that piece of shit Harry Potter movie...L A M E!!!

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