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So...I have been busy...with life...its too busy for blogging...I wish I could blog in my head...that would be awesome...


School is still a go...still need to get off my ass about it..Morgan is going to help me with that one. (More on why later...)

Moved back into my parents house to save money for school which works out because I am NEVER there...

Writing music has been really fun lately...I am really excited about what they are going to end up sounding like...

Job couldn't be better...learning a lot and hopefully a raise soon...

Morgan graduated from UW cum laude style. She is SUPER smarter then me...

Morgan's parents helped me get a new mac laptop...I guess I finally found non-asshole girlfriend parents...I don't think I have ever met such generous people in my life. I see where Morgan gets it from.

Still need to lose the wieght I gained subject...

At the end of August Morgan and I are going to drive to Minn and travel the Mid-west and MORE!!!! CAN I GET A HELL YEAH!!!!

I saw Spider-Man 3 THREE TIMES!!!...people can hate all they want but I LOVED it...Church scene with Spider-Man ripping his suit brought me back to being 6 years old reading about it...(dance stuff wasn't THAT bad...OK!!!!)

Ipod now has over 9,000 songs...

Life is good...

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haven't heard anything from u in so long.

i'm now living in seattle washington.
i moved from alaska to los angeles, california for 1 1/2 years and now i'm
finally in seattle!! where i have always wanted to be.

where ya living??
my email is