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Well...I was going to..

Yeah...I know...too long AGAIN!!!...I am busy...what can I say?

Had car troubles but thankfully my old man helped me out with fixing it. Patty (my car) is back to its old self...

Going back to school in fall is a go..moving back in with my parents so I can save money for the next year and what not. I have to do testing this summer and get that ball rolling which REALLY sucks..oh well I guess...I like living with Ross but I am never there so its not worth paying rent for someplace I am never at...

I might have found a NEW guitar tone with a my last show my amp broke so I had to barrow Camron's amp which went really well and people could really hear my vocals really well...we shall see what comes of this...we are playing a show in Bellingham on the 11th of May and the next day we are playing in Seattle at the Mars Bar...shows are good...

Over the last couple of weeks I finally got the guts to tell Morgan that I loved her which was really hard for me because I have held it in for so long. I knew she felt the same way I could ssee we were tired of telling each other "I like you so much" when it was so much more then that. I never met a girl that SHOWS how much she cares for me. Its pretty awesome. C'mon..SHE LIKES THE WATCHMEN!!! NUFF SAID!!!

I have been consuming A LOT of Bruce Springsteen lately..."Born in the USA" is such a great record. "Cover me" owns...Just last night Morgan and listened to "Nebraska" on vinyl and it was sounds even better on vinyl. (which is saying something.)

Spider-Man 3 is comming out in two weeks...HELL YEAH!!!!....

Hit me up dudes...

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