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new weekly updates...

I am too busy for everyday updates...other day...weekly updates will do fine...(um...who really cares? YOU DO!!! )

I have decided that I am going back to school...yeah...I hate it but I finally found what I want to do. I want to become a physical therapist assistant. Its a two year program and with prerequisites it will about three years but where I work is super flexible and they want me to go and do it.(thats how I found out about PTA's) I mean...will it actually happen remains to be seen BUT...I think this is it.

Its funny because I remember Brynn's stupid Mom always giving me shit about how I need to go to school just to go and blah blah blah and I am SO GLAD I didn't waste a ton of money by going for the sake of going not having a clear plan. I did what I thought God told me to do and just waited it out. If I didn't take the path I took I would have never landed the situation that I am in now which is a REALLY good one. I love it when I am right...

I am still going to pursue music a TON but this is my back up plan (also known as being realistic)

The record is going pretty well...LOTS and LOTS of keyboards...we basicly need a keyboard player now. Its a good problem to have I think. Most people I have been showing what we have completed so far have postive things to say about it. I have no idea when its going to be done...*shrugs*

Baseball is MARINERS!!!!....zzzzzzzzzzz *yawn*...I miss the NFL...

We have a show on the 12th at the sunset with Battle Hymns (western states)...rock...

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