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TOLD YOU!!! I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...its been a LONG time...let me re-cap some of the stuff that was going on...

New house- Life at the new house is hit or miss. I love being able to play music whenver I want to downstairs BUT I hate driving to Seattle everyday...I am broke because of least I have a place to stay...

the record- its slowly comming...problem is we all want to be there to do stuff and it gets hard to line everyone up. progess is comming...

writing new music- I have been using my old 4 track recorder a lot lately and have been writing WAY more then usual. Thanks to the new house.

the beard- Its gone...but I have chops growing as I type this...

The Lady- Her school work has been taking its toll on us but its almost done. Things are going quite nicely besides that.

The diets return- Morgan and I have started my old diet that helped me lose 30lbs last summer. I gained some of it back...not all of it thank GOD...but some...time to lose it I can look good in my speedo.

New favorite band- Pretty much anything Jon Atkins does is pretty bad ass...his new band The Can't see are amazing. I saw them last week. Good stuff. 764-Hero is his old DAMN good...

Now that I am back...more useless information...

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