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Albums purchased...lots...

it had been awhile...but I GOT BACK IN THE GAME!!! goes..

Brothers Martin- Self titled
I love Starflyer A LOT...I am not the biggest Joy Electric fan but I can deal when need be. This album is pretty much the exact combo of the two brothers from both bands, and it certainly pays off. Jason Martin imo has gotton stuck in a rut with Starflyer and his music was starting to really suffer. This looks like his "shot in the arm" so to speak with the songs being covered with 80's new wave keys and straight ahead drums. This album will probably not get its due because its a dreaded "side project"...sad...

Brian Jonestown Massacre- Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective
Speaking of not getting its due, if it wasn't for the movie "DIG" BJM would probably live in no-no land forever. This band is straight up amazing. The albums is a collection of tracks from previous albums and various live preformances. The reason I got this was because they have MASS albums and I don't know which one is the "defining" one. When a band released 6 albums in one year alone its going to be hard. Essential if you aren' t dumb and like music...

MenoMena- Friend and Foe
I didn't want to like this album...I REALLY didn't want to like a band that is on Barsuk records I am...and kicks a lot of ass...quarky songs with cool drums. I think the main reason I like this album is because the band doesn't come off super artsy even though they mess around with song structures and sounds. That is a hard thing to pull off...

SilverSun pick-ups- Carnavas
Once again major label is PUSHING HARDCORE a small band and trying everything they can to make as much fast cash as they can with videos, radio and cheap sales price. Well this one worked...Songs are clearly ear candy and takes me back to the mid-90's when bands had distortion and didn't care about being "original" but rather just wanted to write good songs. The best way to describe them is a modern Rose Blossem Punch.

Pixies- Bossanova
I finally found MY pixies album. Everyone has their personal favorite and I didn't have mine besides the classic "doolittle" Which is very standard and kinda lame. Bossanova seems like the most "pop" friendly of them all and has my FAVORITE song by them "velouria". (thank you weezer)

Sixteen Horsepower- Love Estate
Why do I keep buying thier albums? I don't always feel like listening to them, the vocals are raspy and old sounding and the music is recorded kinda lame sounding...well...its simple..despite these things...I still love the songs and WHEN I do feel like listening to them, they are amazing...

The Police- Reggatta De Blanc
I needed more police stuff...*shrugs*
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