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Too long

Was busy and had computer problems...that = no entry...

Friday- went to my NEW house in Snohomish and showed Morgan...more on that later..she loves it...I love it...its going to be good...

Saturday- Started off record shopping with Greg and had band practice....We couldn't find Nate's drum symbols....he took the loss pretty well...that really sucked...Later on that night Isaac and met up and it was awesome seeeing him. I haven't seen him since new years and we got to catch up on all kinds of things...

Sunday- More record shopping and SUPER BOWL!!! Had my first EVER super bowl party and it was fun...Ross, Metal Scott, Greg, Pete and Uncle Kory all stoped by and watched THE COLTS DESTORY THE BEARS!!! YES!!! JUSTICE IS MINE!!!!

I will post about the albums I got later...there is A LOT!!!

House post comming tomorrow...

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